The US can produce 3-D fiber to make fiber optic conduit

The US has become the world’s first nation to use a 3-dimensional polymer composite material to create a conduit to produce fiber optic cable.

The polymer fiber used to create the conduit was created by Mitsubishi Chemical Fiber Corp., or Mitsc.

Chem., which is part of Mitsubishis Chemicals, Inc. The fiber was developed by the company’s new Advanced Materials Group.

The conduit is the latest advancement in the company, which has been developing fiber optic products for over 20 years.

It also includes a new high-speed fiber optic link system for the Navy.

The US Navy has been using fiber optic cables since the 1970s, and is currently the largest user of fiber optic links in the world.

Mitsubashis fiber optic connection was made with high-tech nanowires that were coated with a polymer resin and then cured to a shape similar to that of a natural fiber.

The coating is then deposited on a polymer-based film.

The resin is then used to adhere the polymer film to the fiber, forming a fiber-to, fiber-optic conduit.

“We’ve developed a new fiber optic system that is superior to existing fiber optics and can support the high-throughput performance needed to provide high-quality fiber-based telecommunications services for the U.S. Navy,” said John P. Henson, the president and chief executive officer of Mitsc Chemical Fiber, Inc., a division of Mitshiba Corporation.

The fiber-networking system uses two layers of fiber, the first of which is a high-performance material that is composed of an aluminum and a polyester film.

A second layer is composed primarily of a polymer and is coated with an additional layer of fiber.

Each layer is designed to allow the fiber to bend in the direction of a wire.

The system was developed using Mitsubis Advanced Materials technology.

“The fiber is not only flexible, it is also resilient and light-weight, which is important for use in a submarine fiber-tethered communications network,” Henson said.

“We also believe this system will greatly enhance the capabilities of the Navy’s high-technology submarine communications network.”

The Navy will use the fiber-connected cable to carry digital data and voice signals between the submarine base at Naval Submarine Base Little Creek, Ga., and the Navy submarine at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md.

The cable also will allow the Navy to conduct military electronic warfare operations from the submarine, Henson explained.

“The Navy is exploring fiber-driven submarine communication and the potential of using it to enhance submarine operations and mission capabilities,” Hensen said.

The company is the first to use 3-d fiber-related materials to create fiber optic conduits, and has also developed a fiber optic switch that enables the Navy and other agencies to transmit data to the submarine.

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