NASA’s carbon fiber composite for high-performance flight

NASA is developing carbon fiber composites for the space agency’s Advanced Exploration Systems program, the agency announced Wednesday.

The carbon fiber, which is made of carbon fibers, is used to enhance the performance of composite-inspired spacecraft, such as the X-37B space plane.

The space agency is also building composite composites that could replace other materials in spacecraft like titanium and carbon fiber for the International Space Station.

The composites are made from carbon fiber and can be made from other materials such as aluminum or titanium.

The composite material can also be used to build parts of a spacecraft.

“The composite composite can enhance the thermal performance of the composite composite material, such that the composite composited part will maintain its shape when exposed to various temperature and humidity environments,” NASA said in a statement.

“It can also improve the ability of the composited composite to hold its shape during assembly, as the composite can be hardened for better heat dissipation and increased structural strength.”

NASA plans to begin testing the composite materials on its X-38 space plane in 2018, using the carbon fiber material in conjunction with titanium, carbon fiber reinforced polystyrene (CFRP), and other materials.

The company will begin using the composite on its space plane as early as 2020.

NASA plans on using the composites to replace the titanium in the space plane and on future X-68A spacecraft.

NASA is also working with Boeing and Lockheed Martin to develop carbon fiber-reinforced composites, which NASA says could make the space program a leader in high-strength composite composite materials.

NASA’s space program is currently spending billions of dollars on space hardware.

In 2018, NASA awarded Boeing and General Dynamics $4.7 billion to develop and build two X-39A spaceplanes, which were supposed to replace all previous spacecraft and launch vehicles.

NASA also awarded Lockheed Martin $2.9 billion to create an X-33B spacecraft, which was supposed to become the next X-51 space plane, which has been plagued by problems in the past.

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