China’s Mitsubishi Chemical Fiber gets approval to supply cotton

Posted March 25, 2018 05:17:08Chinese conglomerate Mitsubushi Chemical Fiber (MCSF) has been approved to supply the domestic market with chemicals made from its high-tech chemical fiber made from a plant in the eastern Chinese city of Hebei.

The announcement comes amid growing concern in China about the growing prevalence of counterfeit chemicals and the proliferation of counterfeit products, including the deadly toxic chemical Agent Orange.MCSI said in a statement on Thursday that the chemicals would be used in the production of chemical fibers that are used to make textile products such as cloth, clothing and bedding.

The chemical fiber will be made in a facility in Hebeis factory, which was recently approved to manufacture chemicals and industrial products in the country.

China has seen a rapid rise in counterfeit products and its use of chemical fiber in the last decade has been seen as a major cause of the country’s economic problems, including its massive manufacturing sector and chronic lack of good quality steel.

The MCSF announcement comes as the world faces a major crisis of counterfeit medicines, including fentanyl, the synthetic opioid that has killed more than 500 people across the U.S. and Europe in the past year.

In April, a Chinese court convicted a man for manufacturing fentanyl in his home, with prosecutors claiming he made the drug in the middle of the night and sold it to a customer on the street.

The U.K.’s Health Protection Agency has said it is worried about the safety of fentanyl as it’s being used as a painkiller in many parts of the world.