Fiber glue chemicals can make your home look like a “bark box”, study finds

Fiber glue molecules are a very powerful glue, which can make a very nice and shiny finish on your home, say researchers.

Fiber glue chemicals are made of two molecules, called a carbonyl group and an aromatic group.

The aromatic group is the one that reacts with the carbon, and it can react with the moisture in the air to form the adhesive.

The carbonyls can bond to each other, forming a very strong bond.

In this way, the fibers can bond together to form a beautiful appearance, according to a paper published in the journal Nature Chemistry.

The researchers looked at the chemical composition of fibers from different types of houses, and compared the results with the same fiber glue in a home.

They found that fibers that were made of fiber glue were less likely to look like bark boxes, and they also had less chemical resistance, which means they could bond with the fiber without breaking.

They also found that fiber glue was more resistant to degradation, which meant that it could stick to different types and shapes of wood.

The team also found the fibers that had fiber glue, had a higher surface area, were less prone to cracking and tearing.

The researchers said that this makes it more likely that fibers can be recycled.