Chemical Fiber Pillow: A chemical fabric pillow made from recycled paper, paper glue, plastic and more

A chemical foam pillow made of recycled paper and plastic is the latest way to make a pillow that looks like a paper bag.

A company called Chemical Fiber has designed and created a foam pillow for people who prefer a paper-like feel.

The company’s website describes the foam as a pillow with a “vibrant softness” that feels like a sponge, and it comes in three colors: green, pink and purple.

The company says it uses polyester foam that was originally used for blankets.

The foam pillow is a product of the company’s new synthetic fabric research and development facility, which is located in Brooklyn, New York.

The new facility was designed to produce synthetic fabrics that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

The new facility also allows for a lot more customization, according to the company.

The Chemical Fiber pillow was launched at the New York Public Library on Saturday, and the company plans to start production in June, said Laura Kroll, a company spokesperson.

The firm hopes to ship the pillow in August, Kroll said.

The pillow is one of the first things that came out of the new facility, she said.

The pillow has a softness that’s reminiscent of paper bags.

The chemical fibers are sourced from recycled materials.

The fibers are manufactured by the company using a process called chemical vapor deposition (CVD), which is a process that uses heat to produce a thin layer of plastic or fiber.

The materials are then mixed with polyester fibers and then extruded to make the pillows.