Chemicals made with carbon fibers could boost carbon dioxide emissions

Chemicals developed by a group of researchers at Harvard University and the University of Rochester could be a new way to help curb carbon dioxide and help protect our air and water quality, according to a new paper published in Nature.

The new study, titled “Theoretical models for reducing carbon dioxide with carbon nanofibers and carbon dioxide-reducing nanoparticles” shows that, even though the nanoparticles are still a long way from being ready for commercial applications, the researchers believe that they can significantly enhance carbon dioxide removal.

The researchers are working on a new class of carbon nanostructures that could help the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but they are also working on ways to improve their performance.

“We have developed a range of synthetic carbon nanosheets and carbon nanotubes that are very flexible, extremely robust, and can be used in many different applications,” said John A. Czubak, a graduate student in mechanical engineering at Harvard.

“Our research is trying to develop an alternative approach to carbon nanoscale nanofabrication.”

Czubag said that his group has developed a new method for creating nanostructure-like structures, which is a process that combines a large number of nanostigs into a thin layer of a carbon nanocrystal.

“This technique makes the nanostig material so dense that it can be produced by the reaction of carbon monoxide and nitrogen, which would otherwise be required for conventional fabrication,” Czubiak said.

In order to produce these structures, the nanosheet must first be separated into many small layers, which are then cooled to a specific temperature.

The resulting layer of carbon fibers will be a material with extremely high tensile strength, and this makes the structure incredibly stable and strong.

Czubiag and his team are now working on further research into how this carbon nanospheres can be applied to the production of nanocarbon nanostrobes.

“One of the challenges that we have is how we could apply the carbon nanocarbons to manufacture nanocars, so that we could have a product that would be able to be manufactured at high yields,” Czerkacs said.

Czesiak said that he hopes that the researchers can eventually develop a carbon-nanofibrous composite material that would have the same high tensility as the carbon fiber.

“I would like to develop a nanocarpet that is not only extremely strong, but that also is strong enough to be used for a wide variety of applications,” Czesiak added.

“This is just the beginning of what we could do with the carbon fibers.”

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