Sateri Chemical Fiber: What Is It?

A company in China says it has developed a “sateri” fiber, a kind of polymer that can be used to make products for food, medical and consumer goods.

Sateri, which means “spirit,” is a term commonly used for the fiber, which is made from a blend of carbon and water.

According to the Saterik Chemical Research Center in China, Sateric fibers can be a good source of energy for the manufacturing industry, as well as other products.

They can be processed into plastic, rubber, fiberglass, ceramics, and even biofuels.

The company, which describes itself as “the world’s largest manufacturer of fiber, chemicals, and other organic materials,” says it produces the fibers in the U.S. as well, and has plans to expand into Europe.

“The fibers we make are environmentally friendly and have excellent biodegradability,” the company said in a statement.

“We use natural materials in the manufacturing process, so we have the opportunity to provide a wide range of products, both in the marketplace and in the lab.”

The company has been developing the fiber since 2013, and it has been tested in laboratories around the world.

The company says its tests show it can be made to absorb about 0.3 parts per billion of carbon dioxide, or 0.4 parts per million of carbon monoxide.

Sateric fiber is not only used in the manufacture of the fiber itself, but also in its use in other products as a feedstock.

In 2015, Satori Chemical Research Group launched a “Saterik-Spiral” line of products made with its fibers, including the “Satori Gel” which is designed to be used as a skin moisturizer.

The gel is made of sateric fibres, which the company claims absorb 90 percent of the carbon dioxide and 80 percent of carbon oxide.

The company said it is working to expand its Saterim fibers into the U, Europe and Asia, as it works to bring Sateribor to market.