How to avoid toxic chemicals in cotton


It’s a grim world out there, and people don’t usually get the chance to use what is one of the most highly-regulated, heavily-regulated industries in the world.

There’s a huge amount of research to understand how chemicals work, but what’s still unclear is how much of it is safe and how much is toxic.

The answer is often in the form of chemicals.

The United Nations Environmental Programme estimates that the world’s 1.1 billion cotton workers, their families, and the communities around them spend at least $1 trillion a year cleaning up the air, water, and land they’re working in, with about $60 billion spent on chemical residue.

That’s a lot of money to clean up.

For that money, we’d need to get rid of the chemicals we use every day and the ones we put into the environment.

And that’s what we’re hoping to do with a new initiative called Chemical Free: a nationwide campaign to get cotton growers to stop using pesticides and to use less of it in the cotton they’re growing.

It has been a decade since the International Cotton Council, the global trade group that has the ultimate authority over cotton, published a comprehensive pesticide list.

The list is made up of all the chemicals used in cotton production, which includes dicamba, a weed killer, and imidacloprid, a fungicide.

It also includes other widely used pesticides, such as phosgene, dicarboxylic acid, and paraquat.

So we’re calling on cotton growers, and others, to get on board and start using less of these chemicals.

But we need your help.

The goal of Chemical Free is to get everyone in cotton making a commitment to using less pesticides in their production, and to get growers on board with a more sustainable production approach.

The campaign started out as a grassroots effort in the US, where we started an online petition and got more than 500,000 signatures.

We’re now expanding it nationwide.

The Cotton Alliance, an industry group, has already helped us with a commitment of $250,000.

It will also support us through the coming months with additional funding to get the campaign going nationwide.

As we continue to grow and we see the scale of the issue, the Cotton Alliance and other stakeholders in the industry are starting to understand the importance of chemical free cotton, as well.

We need you to get involved in the campaign.

The cotton industry has a lot to learn from the United Nations environmental programme, which says the total annual amount of chemical residue in cotton is about 10 times higher than in other crops.

That makes it particularly vulnerable to contamination from other contaminants and harmful chemicals.

So what you can do to help: When you visit the cotton aisle at your local cotton store, ask the cashier if they use any pesticides or other chemicals.

If they say yes, they can’t be blamed for using chemicals.

When you buy cotton, ask for a label that says no to any pesticides and no to the other common household chemicals that cotton contains.

That label will help consumers make the best decisions about what to buy.

You can get involved by sharing this information on your social media, sharing the campaign on your favorite social media platform, or sending us an email at [email protected]

Tell your cotton growers that chemical free is important.

Tell them you are willing to stop purchasing cotton products that contain pesticides and other chemicals that have been linked to health problems.

Let them know you want them to use more natural products.

Tell the Cotton Council how much you value their contribution to the global cotton industry.

Tell cotton growers what chemicals they can use safely and what pesticides they should avoid.

And share this information online, by posting it on your website, or tweeting it to your friends.

Tell people who have heard about the chemical free campaign how they can join the effort.

Please share it on social media with the hashtag #ChemicalFree and tag the campaign @chemicalfree, and share this email to your closest friends and colleagues.

What you can learn about the chemicals in the Cotton Free campaign: We are working with scientists at Harvard and Yale to collect data on the chemicals that are in cotton and use that data to provide a more comprehensive picture of how toxic chemicals affect people, the environment, and health.

The scientists will use this information to identify chemicals that might be particularly harmful to people.

The information collected will help us to understand whether there are ways to reduce chemical use in cotton, and how we can increase farmers’ participation in the clean-up process.

We will also be collecting data to better understand the impact of pesticide use on farmers’ livelihoods, and other environmental impacts of chemicals in other parts of the world, including in China, Brazil, and India.

For more information, visit our website at or call (202) 686-7352.

The Global Ag

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